Sunday, January 29, 2012

Always My Heart

As I gaze into the sky at night;
A question of wonder thought
Be my heart a blaze in star light?
As I am unsure whilst it is or not
Full moon in Heaven’s home
Bathe earth in eternity.
Does a yielding moon beam show
An abandoned heart of forlorn me

Curious if my true love discerns
Alone is not the heart in her breast
A second heartbeat purloins a turn
Oblivious sound of my loneliness
Trust my heart brought into being
Peace of no greater tenderness
Learns that love has new meaning
Opening itself to devoted happiness  
Unmindful, my heart is carried now
Away from lonely years
Into a place wary hearts are allow
Leaving behind only silent tears.
If the heart could speak my word
And her love an assiduous ear
Kind revelation shall not go unheard
Virtue prevents it from being here
Faith my heart will have her uncover
Convictions that mine eternally be
O be fate if undo my sweet lover
Do with fondness reminiscent of me.

Life bequeaths many deeds require
That I am predestined to do
If allowed one constant burning desire
Always this heart be with you

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