Wednesday, March 28, 2012


What charm at sunset

 Compels two voices to meet?

 Double act magnetism?

Expressions so sweet?

They whirl each other

Into their dreams,

Chat about how life

Curves with the streams.

One dance in two minds

Words trip the air.

He taps his feet

She twirls her hair.

Too soon it was over

This devotional hour

They part like petals

Of a wind blown flower

Twilight thickened

Moon begins it reign

Each make to their homes

By the sea and the plain.

Friday, February 17, 2012


lick white undies?
long wooden umbrella?
lasso went under?
love witch understanding?
language was uzbeckstanian?
lamps work underwater?
lust women's uterus?
laugh war union?
lighted wicks unite?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Too Late

Embrace my love
Exhaust the night
Expression unsaid
Moment not right
Take my hand
Time has changed
Think it’s only
Life’s a game
Chance did come
Concise then gone
Chase yet late
Love still strong
Not enough
Now you know
Never will I
Let you go

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Always My Heart

As I gaze into the sky at night;
A question of wonder thought
Be my heart a blaze in star light?
As I am unsure whilst it is or not
Full moon in Heaven’s home
Bathe earth in eternity.
Does a yielding moon beam show
An abandoned heart of forlorn me

Curious if my true love discerns
Alone is not the heart in her breast
A second heartbeat purloins a turn
Oblivious sound of my loneliness
Trust my heart brought into being
Peace of no greater tenderness
Learns that love has new meaning
Opening itself to devoted happiness  
Unmindful, my heart is carried now
Away from lonely years
Into a place wary hearts are allow
Leaving behind only silent tears.
If the heart could speak my word
And her love an assiduous ear
Kind revelation shall not go unheard
Virtue prevents it from being here
Faith my heart will have her uncover
Convictions that mine eternally be
O be fate if undo my sweet lover
Do with fondness reminiscent of me.

Life bequeaths many deeds require
That I am predestined to do
If allowed one constant burning desire
Always this heart be with you

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Watched the Moon Around The House

I watched the Moon around the House
Until upon a Pane --
She stopped -- a Traveller's privilege -- for Rest --
And there upon

I gazed -- as at a stranger --
The Lady in the Town
Doth think no incivility
To lift her Glass -- upon --

But never Stranger justified
The Curiosity
Like Mine -- for not a Foot -- nor Hand --
Nor Formula -- had she --

But like a Head -- a Guillotine
Slid carelessly away --
Did independent, Amber --
Sustain her in the sky --

Or like a Stemless Flower --
Upheld in rolling Air
By finer Gravitations --
Than bind Philosopher --

No Hunger -- had she -- nor an Inn --
Her Toilette -- to suffice --
Nor Avocation -- nor Concern
For little Mysteries

As harass us -- like Life -- and Death --
And Afterwards -- or Nay --
But seemed engrossed to Absolute --
With shining -- and the Sky --

The privilege to scrutinize
Was scarce upon my Eyes
When, with a Silver practise --
She vaulted out of Gaze --

And next -- I met her on a Cloud --
Myself too far below
To follow her superior Road --
Or its advantage -- Blue --

by Emily Dickenson

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa Is A GOP Wake Up Call

Like other Ron Paul supporters I believe in principles that Romney and Santorum do not.  I usually vote Independent, at the present I am registered a Republican so I can vote for Dr. Paul in the Florida primary.  In the past I have supported some true Republican and Democratic principles, but somewhere both parties have become the same.  Both parties have lost touch and their will to fight for the people they represent.  Both have become greedily corrupt with no scruples or principles for their fellow man it seems.

If  Romney, Santorum or any other Neo Con GOP candidate gets the Republican nomination, it will be hard for a RP supporter to get their vote (unless the impossible happened and the nominee did a 360 in their politics and  Dr. Paul accepted being their running mate).  Even if Ron Paul does not run third party, most Ron Paul supporters will write in the good doctors name as they did in the last election or vote Gary Johnson.  Being liberty minded and against war type individuals, its in our awakened nature to make this type of vote.  Its the only one you can do with a good heart for future generations, the only one with truth, no dirty money behind it, and its truly one of the proudest votes you can make as a free individual.  It's not a vote for a party, to try to make history, or for a particular person;  a Ron Paul vote is really a message of liberty and peace.  By the numbers that voted for Dr. Paul in Iowa, that message is popular.  If the Republicans don't hear this message it will be a huge lost for them. Because the majority of those RP supporters in this country feel and will vote like I do.

The Republicans need to face facts that they cannot pull votes from Democrats or Independents with any other candidate then Ron Paul.  The Republicans would need those votes to beat Obama, especially if he is considering Hillary as a running mate.  People want someone different then the status quo. People are seeing through the bling and the celebrity to find what America is really representing out there to the world and its not freedom.  If the Republicans truly want a chance for a President in the White House, they really need to concede to the paradigm shift that is not only happening in the Republican party, not only in the hearts of Americans, but by the very souls of folks around the world desiring liberty.  People want something different then debt, unemployment, the destruction of individual liberty and war.  The Republicans have the chance to be that difference with Ron Paul and their blowing it.  I guess they still want to be  a party that's bought and paid for instead of one that could really represent a free people.